The copolymer coated (ECCS) steel tape is made from high – quality cold rolled steel tape, and the copolymer film is made from EMMA material with excellent heat seal.

The surface of tape is smooth , no wrinkle and pucker and oxidation spots, the winding is neat.

The film is blue, green or nature color. It is applicable for manufacturing the copolymer coated steel tape used for shielding damp- proof and armor layer of communication of optical cable.


Length: 1030-5000m or your request
Width: 12-610mm
Steel Coil Thickness: 0.13\0.15mm
Copolymer Coat Thickness: 0.05mm
Total Thickness: 0.21/ 0.25 / 0.26mm
Tensile Strength: 310-390MP
Peel Strength: Exceed 6.13N/cm
Elongation: Exceed 15%
Inner Diameter:
Heat Seal Strength:
Min 17.5N/cm

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