Our Quality Guarantee

Our company is under ISO9001:2015 quality control system,

our rope products passed SGS inspection and steel wire products passed BV inspection, all obtained test certificate.

We value products quality and value customer feedback, we give our customer quality guarantee.

Our philosophy is Quality + Service + Reliable.


Industries where our products can be applied


Used for manufacturing armored shielding layer for cables.

—–Galvanized steel wire

Used for Braiding jacket for cables or rubber hoses.

—–Galvanized steel wire

Used in agriculture, such as vineyard wire.

—–Galvanized steel wire & Galfan (95Zn-5Al) coated wire

Used for re-drawing and then making the wire rope.

—–Galvanized steel wire & Un-coated steel wire & Stainless steel wire

Used to produce different type of spring.

—–Stainless steel wire & Steel spring wire

Used for woven mesh or welded fence, such as chain link mesh, gabion mesh.

—–Galvanized steel wire & Galfan coated steel wire & PVC coated wire

Used for the core, to produce aluminium conductor steel-reinforced cable for overhead line.

—–Galvanized steel wire strand

Used for cable message wire or reinforce wire for Self-supporting Optical Fiber Cable.

—–Galvanized steel wire & Galvanized steel wire strand & Brass coated steel wire